Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Art for Everyone...

I'm not usually an arty type of person, I like to slap some paint on canvas, crochet, and write, but I'd never call myself artistic. Not really. Not like my friend Louise, who can create things I've never imagined possible! I saw these cards she did at one point, with fish, that were truly amazing because of the media she used to create them. Her vision and style are all her own and I'd suggest giving her a look, she may just have something you can't live without!!

A video Louise created is linked in here somewhere, but I can't figure out how to add it to the website.

You can also find her at DiscoverLoveArt.com.

Seriously, go have a look at what she's done! You won't regret it!

A Little Birdy Told Me

A little birdy told me that if you go over to Wattpad you'll find a project this little birdy is working on. It's not Seizures but it is rather interesting, at least for me. If you'd like to have a look at it, you can find it over here: Sparrow Black: An Overprotective Mother

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Well, Hello There Eden Royce!

First, I can't find my glasses at the moment so there may be typos. I can't help it. I have no idea where I put them. Yes, I checked the top of my head.

Jack Wallen is highlighting Eden Royce with his spotlight today. Discussing the intricacies of writing as a POC in the horror Eden has  given us a unique view on the topic of #WomenofHorror. I'm going to check out her website next, see what she has on offer. You should have a look too, she seems like a pretty interesting lady! :)


Friday, February 3, 2017

Another Woman of Horror! Oh my!

Yesterday was my day, but life got in the way. You can find my guest post here...http://monkeypantz.net/women-horror-sparrow-black/

Instead of sitting around staring at the walls, trying to decide which of my projects to work on I went out to see a friend for a couple of hours. My friend is a Cuban refugee but that doesn't define him, the only reason I mention it is because his parents are too and instead of sitting around trying to decide, I sat helping him with his English translation of his memoirs of his life pre-Castro and post-Castro. It's an ongoing project and I felt my time was spent better doing that than anything else. I was learning, and that is the one thing I can't resist.

Today Jack's spotlighting Kasey Pierce, a rather amusing author, from her guest post. We share a similar background, it would seem, and I'll be looking into her offerings, so should you! :) You can find her post here...

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Jack and the Women of Horror

It's nearly 3 am in Portugal and here I am, wide awake and raring to go. Alright, I lied, I'm bleary eyed, on the verge of a full-on snore-fest, and I just want to sleep. It was a busy day for me and it involved things like translating words I didn't understand into something I did understand and handing over a large amount of money for something I desperately need for future identity proving endeavors. Keep your fingers crossed on that one.

So who is Jack and what's this about the Women of Horror or #womenofhorror as the hashtag goes. Well, a few years ago I read a book called I Zombie I. I quite enjoyed it and for the first time in my life sought out the author of said book on, well, FaceBook. Because I'm a sad git like that. To my shock he was really there, he was really using his page, and he was, gasp (!!) really interacting with people. He's since done a slew of other books, including turning the I Zombie into a series, and other books such as Suicide Station and Gothica.

Jack, though he may not realize it, is shedding some light on the darkness I call "self-published author limbo." Whether he realizes it or not, I see how I fail when I look in his direction, mainly because I like to sleep, am too prone to follow the Portuguese edict of "amanha", which means tomorrow, and basically have no clue. Jack is a whirlwind of activity and he makes my head spin watching all of the projects he produces. I just don't have that much energy anymore!

I am still getting over what turned into pneumonia, though, I quietly tell myself. You aren't failing, just recovering. So yeah, there's that.

Anyway...the women of horror is a feature Jack has going on his blog. Apparently somebody told Jack women can't write horror. Obviously ladies such as Anne Rice, Mary Shelly (though hers might be a bit bony) and Carrie Ryan would give whoever that was a big ole middle finger. Or maybe not, they might be too ladylike for such vulgarities. I'm not sure but maybe.

I've never run into that kind of thought, I've never been told that I can't write something because I'm a woman. Sure, I can't write technical manuals on the Linux operating system but that's because I'm not trained in it. My only experience with the OS comes when I have to go on my fiancée's decrepit laptop for some reason or another. I poke at it, my finger barely touching the keys, afraid to break this odd thing that makes his laptop work despite it having a dead hard drive. His computer is a zombie folks! It really is.

So, yeah, distracted there. Sorry. The first lady featured is Leigh M. Lane. I read her guest blog post and it drew me in, her mastery of language is inspiring, it's beautiful, it's musical. I don't write like that, obviously, but it's poetry really, the beauty of how she writes. It really is. I'd give it a read, and suggest checking out her work. It looks promising! :)

I'm off to bed now but I'll leave you with this thought. If we're only meant to write what we know, what we've experienced, why is it said that women can't write horror? After all, we, as females, have experienced some truly horrifying events in our lives, throughout our own timelines and throughout history. What idiot came up with the theory that women can't writer horror? Don't they know what we've survived?

PS: A link to Leigh's guest post would be helpful...


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Updating or OMG, I need a clone!

I'm currently working on several projects, dealing with bronchitis/flu/pneumonia, and just realizing that I have been ill every single day of the new year. Since January 1st I've been sick. This is disgusting.

Seizures part two is being worked on. I poke at it and prod it in between coughing fits and will have something within the next six months. Haha, well, maybe the next month or so. I hope.

That's all for now, wandering off to work on something else now. Tata...

Friday, December 30, 2016

My blog is so ugly and UPDATE :)

My blog is so ugly but I am a minimalist at heart, making things look pretty to me involves painting things white and maybe putting a painting on it. And leaving it alone. That can make it hard to create things for yourself but when you're on a budget you have to make sacrifices. My budget is currently zero by the way, haha.

Seizures part two, volume two, whatever I'm going to call it, is currently being written, slowly but surely. I'm adding a new character, introducing more elements, and hoping that this one can really catch the reader's imagination. I don't think anyone truly understands what I was trying to do with this book.

Anyway, I mainly just wanted to update this thing. :) Keep an eye out...hopefully by the end of January there will be a new book out in the world.